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Essence of Tradition Design ClubWelcome to the Essence of Tradition Design Club at Patchwork Garden!  Each month, this interactive page will be updated with new information as we continue our journey in creating the Essence of Tradition quilt.  All the products listed are linked to our website so if you want to order anything, just click on the link and choose the shank size and template option you'd like.  

As our thank you for participating, when checking out please enter the coupon code Essence and you'll receive a 10% discount on any of these featured products.  If you are purchasing items other than those listed below, please put them in a separate order so you can use any other coupon codes you may have.  If you are a Westalee graduate, you will have received a special coupon code for you to use.

Next Meeting:  October 18th
Quilter's Rear View Mirror
Optional Templates for the Carpenter's Star Block
Carpenter's Star Patchwork Tools

Adjustable Ruler18" Adjustable Ruler

Adjustable Locking Half Square TrianglesHalf Square Triangle

Straight line Quilting Template from DM Quilting
Audition your designs on your quilt with Westalee Designer Kit
Ultimate Crosshair Rulers
Never misplace your spacing gauge Crafter's Notion Necklace in 8 colors
Snowflake Template Sets - Snow Bird Cardinal Runner
Piecing Tips and Tricks from Joan

Flying Geese

Chains Block

Carpenter's Star Block

Big T Block
Dresden Block

Churn Dash Block

Pinwheel Block

Birds In The Air
Shadowed Dizzy Geese

Card Trick Block

Arrow Block

Queen's Crown
Don't forget the batting
Club Member Templates
These are the templates you'll receive each month or quarter as part of your Essence of Design membership. 

Here's the list of the club member templates you'll be receiving:
Quarter One
Flying Bell Curve Triangle 5"
Spin-e-fex 13, 5.5"
Marquise Curve:   85
Quarter Two
Spin-e-fex 14, 5.5"
  or Spin-e-fex 14, 7.5
Spinning Wheel 27, 5.5"
Yin & Yang 3"
Spin-e-fex 8, 3.5"
or Mini Fills Zig Zag
Quarter Three
Simple Ovals 1.5" x 3"
Spin-e-fex Feathers 8, 5.5"
Spin-e-fex Snowflakes 1 & 2 
  Quarter Four
  Simple Hexagons 1
  Mini V Bricks
2nd Quarter Templates
Month Four
Shadowed Dizzy Geese
Block #1
Block #1 Shadowed Dizzy GeeseClub Template:

Spin-e-Fex #14 5.5"
6" included or 
8.5" 8 point 
marking square

Optional Templates:

Design# 1-B
Ferndale Plaza
Feather Templates
2", 3" & 4"

Design #1-C
Criss-Cross Pass
6 inch spiral6" Spiral 
part of the original sampler set of templates

Design #1-D
Ferris Wheel

Strand of Pearls1" Strand of Pearls, 5.5"

Mini Spin-e-Fex #4Mini Spin-e-Fex #4 
1.5" & 2.5"
Month Five

Block #5
Block #5
Club Template:
Spinning Wheel #27, 5.5"
6" included or 
8.5" 8 point 
marking square

Optional Templates:

Design #5-A

Feather Fanatic
Feathered Leaf
2" Feathered Leaf and Feathered Leaf Finial

1212" Arc

Design #5-D
Border Lines
Heart Template1" Heart

Continuous Rope and Echo TemplateRope & Echo

Design #5-C
Fairy Catcher
Spin-e-fex 16Spin-e-Fex #16, 5.5"
Also used in block #4-A 
from September

Month Six

Churn Dash
Block #9
Block # 9 Churn DashClub Template:
Spin-e-fex #8, 3.5"
Mini Fills Zig Zag
6"  8 point
marking square

Optional Templates:

Design # 9-A
Center Stage
Simple Ovals1" x 2" Simple oval
1.5" x 3" Simple Oval

Mini Spin-e-fex #1Mini Spin-e-Fex #1

Design #9D
Petticoat Gal
Design Wreath #16Wreath #16, 3.5"
Wreath #16, 5.5"

Design #9-B

Spin-e-fex 7Spin-e-fex 7, 9.5"
Spin-e-fex 7, 11.5"
Month Seven
Card Trick
Block #11
Block #11Club Template:
Yin Yang 3"
6" included or 
8.5" 8 point 
marking square
Optional Templates:

Design #11-A
Square Dancing
Spin-e-fex 11
Spin-e-Fex 11, 3.5"


1212" Arc

Design #11-C
Field of Dreams
Miniature Baptist Fan
Mini Baptist Fan Set

Design #11D
Peoples Choice
Wreath 41 with Echo
Wreath with Echo 41, 3.5

Wreath with Echo 41, 5.5
Wreath with Echo 41, 7.5

6 Point Crosshair Ruler6 Point Crosshair Rulers
12 1/2"
1st Quarter Templates:

Month One - September
month one block #4Log Cabin Block #4 
Club Template:  
Flying Bell Curve Triangle 5"
8.5" 8 point marking square

Optional Templates:
Spin-e-fex 15Design 4-A: 

Spin-e-fex 15 5.5"
8.5" 6-point marking square

Curly QDesign 4-B:
Back to Back 2" - 1
Spin-e-fex Curly Q 4.5", 6.5", 8.5"
12" Arc

Westalee Designs Circles on Quilts Spinning WheelDesign 4-D:
COQ Spinning Wheel 7
COQ Spinning Wheel 14
Circles on Quilts 6"
Between the Lines .5"

Month Two - October
Month Two FLying Geese
Flying Geese Block # 10
Club Template:
Spin-e-Fex 13 - 5 1/2"
6" included or 
8.5" 8 point marking square

Optional Templates:
Miniature Baptist FanDesign 10-A
Miniature Baptist Fan

template set

Spinning Wheels 36Design 10-B
COQ Spinning Wheel 36 - 3.5"

COQ Spinning Sheel 36 - 5.5"

Mini Spin-e-Fex #5Design #10-D:
Mini Spin-e-Fex #5

Month Three - November
DresdenDresden Block #7
Club Template:
Artisan Marquis #85
6" included or 
8.5" 8 point marking square

Optional Templates:
Artisan MarquisDresden Design Center
Artisan Marquis #81
Artisan Marquis #87

8 Point Dresden Plate Cutting RUlerDresden Patchwork Tool
8 Point

Dresden Cutting Ruler

Persian Topper (Topper 7)Dresden Patchwork Tools
Topper 7 (Persian Topper)

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