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Cost: $ 24.00
Quilts of Valor Sew-In

Cost: $ FREE
Each class will begin with a discussion on color differentiating between light, medium and dark and how to choose your colors for various parts of your quilt.

Cost: $ 22.00
Let's Keep Stitching Session 5

Cost: $ 50.00
Quilting with templates

Cost: $ 45.00
Wool club 2019

Cost: $ 50.00
Patchwork Party 7

Cost: $ 65.00
Sisterhood Retreat Combo

Cost: $ 125.00
Sisterhood Retreat

Cost: $ 25.00
Tucker University, Freshman Year

Cost: $ 32.00
Tucker University, sophomore year

Cost: $ 48.00
Westalee Ruler Club

Cost: $ 30.00
Why not treat yourself to a day (or two perhaps) to finish (or perhaps begin) that project you have been aching to work on but simply cannot find the time.

Cost: $ 10.00
This class is for anything Lisa

Cost: $ 15.00

4th of July