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Tucker University, Freshman Year

We are very excited to present a new year-long lecture/demo program entitled "Tucker University"!  This program, designed by two of Studio 180 Designs/Deb Tucker teachers, focuses on a different ruler/tool each month and how to incorporate them into your everyday quilting life. There is no finished project . . . rather we will show you many ways to use these rulers while improving your accuracy.  Following is the schedule for the entire year:

  -- Tucker Trimmer I and Shaded Four Patch (October 2021)
  -- V-Block, Sidekicks and High/Low (November 2021)
  -- Wing Clipper I, Pickets and Quickets (December 2021)
  -- Square Squared and Little Houses (January 2022)

  -- Corner Beam and Sliver (March 2022)
  -- Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Basic Construction (April 2022)
  -- Corner Pop (May 2022)
  -- Split Rects (June 2022)

  -- Diamond Rects (June 2021 and August 2022)
  -- Large Square Squared (July 2021 and September 2022)
  -- Lemoyne Advanced I:  Strip Pieced Lemoyne, Liberty Lemoyne and Banded Lemoyne (August 2021 and October 2022)
  -- Lemoyne Advanced II:  Fussy Cut Lemoynes, Lemoynes as Triangles and Blazing Lemoynes (September 2021 and November 2022)
It is required to purchase each ruler/technique sheet on a monthly basis. You may wish to bring along pen and paper to take notes.
Instructor Name:
Joan Rogers
Instructor Bio:
Joan Rogers

Tucker University, Freshman Year

$ 36.00
Each class fee is $9.00/lecture; however, it is understood that you are participating for one full year (12 classes) to be paid in three (3) installments of $36.00 each.

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