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We frequently host special sales on Facebook Live that use CommentSold.  To purchase during these sales, you need to have a Facebook account.  You can set one up easily by clicking here.  If you want, you can use an alias to create your Facebook account.

Once you have a Facebook account, you just need to register on our special Comment Sold website!
Log into facebook
Click on the link below and then click on Log into Facebook.
Click here to register

Setting up messenger
Once you've logged in, before confirming your email click on Send to Messenger!  This way you'll receive notifications that you "won" the sale, etc. through Facebook Messenger.  You don't have to have Messenger but it's a really nice feature.

Oops, did you go too fast and hit the pink confirm button before you clicked "Send To Messenger"?  You can also click on Connect Messenger -- you'll find it on the left-hand side of the Comment Sold account page.

Confirm Messenger
You'll get a message in Facebook Messenger asking you to confirm connecting Messenger.  Just follow the directions to confirm.

If you don't already have Facebook Messenger, you can download it using the following link:
Facebook Messenger

Don't worry if this sounds way too technical or if you run into any issues, just email us if you have any questions.

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