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Pheasant Hill


Lynne Hagemeier of Kansas Troubles enjoys living in the country, surrounded by rolling fields and groves of trees that are full of wildlife and birds. You'll find these elements in her Pheasant Hill collection for Moda Fabrics.  All through the summer, we watch with the grandkids for signs of new life - wobbly little deer investigating the salt lick at dusk, baby raccoon tracks trailing along after their mothers’ in the mud by the pond, and pheasant chicks that are little more than brown bundles of feathers, scampering across the road to feast at the bird feeder. The grandkids collect the colorful feathers of the male pheasant along with the more neutral feathers of the females to make grand plumes for headbands and hats. It’s a celebration and respect for new life on the farm that is a lesson well learned.

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