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60" Snuggles Aqua


Fireside by Moda is textured and plush. The fabric is very soft and makes a wonderful backing to a quilt. It is 60" wide and made from polyester fibers. 

1. Batting
Because Fireside is already so cozy, you may decide you don’t need to put batting in your quilt. If you think you would still like a layer of batting, we recommend Quilter's Dream Request which is a thin bat that makes it easier to quilt and thin enough that the quilt doesn't get too warm.

2. Cutting
Compared to other plush fabrics, Fireside doesn't "shed" as much as others when you cut it. To reduce fuzzies, we recommend cutting with a rotary cutter and then taking the fabric outside or to the garage for a good shake before you start sewing.

3. Stay sharp!
As with other synthetic fabrics, you may find that your needle dulls faster than it does when sewing with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. If you start with a fresh needle, you can avoid the pitfalls of dull needles such as breakage, skipped stitches, or the needle trying to push the fabric into the machine. We recommend a size 90/14 needle, either stretch, universal or microtex. We also recommend increasing your stitch length to 3.0.

4. “Has anyone seen my quilting? It was here a second ago.”
Because of the velvety pile of Fireside, it may be hard to see the stitches on the back of your quilt as the stitches can get hidden in the pile. Use a slightly heavier thread, like King Tut to create more impact with your quilting.

5. Don’t skimp on the basting!
Snuggles is a knit fabric and, like most knit fabrics, it is stretchy. It will stretch on the crosswise grain, but very little along the lengthwise grain (parallel to the selvages). To keep it from stretching as you sew, it is important to do a good job basting your layers before you start quilting. If you are using quilters’ curved safety pins, you should have one pin every 4” both vertically and horizontally. Basting spray is also a great tool when working with Snuggles. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your spray. Use an even feed foot ("walking foot") to help keep the layers together.

6. Don’t forget the nap…
No, not THAT kind of nap. You can have a cozy snooze with your quilt once it’s finished. We’re talking about the nap on the fabric. The velvety pile on Fireside is directional. If you are piecing the quilt back, make sure that the nap on the panels is running in the same direction. Also, it is recommended that the nap run down the length of the quilt, i.e. it should feel smooth as you run your hand down from the top of the quilt.

7. Finger press your seams
The plush fabric is made from polyester, so don't press with an iron. Plush fabrics, especially those that are textured, can be damaged by the heat of the iron.

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