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Joyful Banners


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Joyful Banners
Deb Strain Bee Joyful
Barbara Cherniwchan
Coach House Designs
Using the latest Bee Joyful panel from Deb Strain, this pattern booklet gives you the patterns to make three banner quilts/wall hangings designed by Barbara Cherniwchan with Coach House Designs.
 The three banners are "Home", "Welcome" and "Just Bee"!  To make it easy for you, we've included the Bee Joyful panel (24" x 44") in with your pattern.  You may also buy just the panel.  We also have finishing kits for the "Home" and "Joyful" banners.

The panel features honeybees which are known as the "angels of agriculture" and are the subject of art since ancient Egypt.  Coordinating with Deb Strain's past BEE collections for Moda, Bee Joyful continues presenting everything BEE with gentle words and sayings.  Pairing rich, elegant vintage pattern with colors that are contemporary provides an on-trend look to this timeless theme.  Bee Joyful will inspire BEE-autiful creations.