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Odicoat Gel


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OdiCoat is your magic wand, which transforms all fabrics into coated, waterproof and machine washable fabric.

Fabric coated with OdiCoat is resistant to water and stains. Ideal for toiletry accessories, bags, tablecloths, placemats, aprons, embroideries, quilts, etc. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorating as well as an embellishment of clothing and accessories.

OdiCoat does not contain Bisphenol and is water-based. It can be used in indirect food contact. OdiCoat is suitable for windsocks, aprons, tablecloths, table sets, pie bag, etc.
Therefore, you must pack your food with a wrap before putting it in a bag whose fabric has been coated with OdiCoat.

May also be used as a strong adhesive for fabric or fabrics applied to wood, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery, styrofoam, stone, etc.

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