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Black Legacy Faux Leather - 1/2 yard cut


Get the look of luxury for less with our Black Legacy Faux Leather. This vegan material is a great alternative to leather or cork fabric due to its price point.  Sallie Tomato Faux Leather is soft, pliable, and comes in three textures: Weave, Pebble, and Legacy. We think you'll fall in love with how nice it sews, and how great it looks on a finished project!

The width of fabric is 25" to 27".

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that you've been asking about the faux leather!


What's the difference between faux leather and vinyl?

There are two major types of faux leather - vinyl-based and polyurethane-based. Our faux leather is polyurethane-based. Vinyl-based is basically dyed plastic. Examples are marine vinyl and clear vinyl (which are very stiff). Polyurethane-based is made by coating natural fabrics like cotton or polyester, then treating it to look like real leather. This type of faux leather is more soft, flexible, and breathable than vinyl-based leather.

Which type of needle do I use to sew faux leather?

We've found that a Schmetz Denim size 90/14 or 80/12 works best!

Which type of thread do I use to sew faux leather?

Polyester thread works best with faux leather because it's very strong compared to cotton thread. A great brand is Superior Sew Fine. 

Can you iron faux leather?

We don't recommend ironing faux leather; however, if you feel the need to iron out any wrinkles or creases, use a press cloth against the WRONG SIDE of the faux leather on a LOW/SYNTHETIC HEAT SETTING.  Do not place your iron against the right side of the fabric.

My foot is sticking to the faux leather, what do I do? 

If your presser foot is sticking to the faux leather as you sew, try using a Teflon foot, roller foot, or sewing over wax paper to help your foot glide. Another tip is you can add a piece of scotch tape to the bottom of your metal foot to help prevent it from sticking to your fabric.

What interfacing do you recommend?
We work with Bosal Fashion Fuse.

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