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Seam Align Glue 4 oz.


This seam align glue is just what the doctor (and Pam Buda) ordered for one of the most common and frustrating problems we encounter when piecing.....sewing the very tips of triangle points.  The points are too small to hold a pin, and more often than not, the points separate when touched by the feed dogs in your machine.  This glue is the answer!

Just a small drop in between both fabrics at their very points will keep both fabrics glued together as you sew them.  The glue is formulated so it sets up quickly, you can press over it, if need be you can "rip" it out and use it again.  It doesn't leave a lump of glue and does not gunk up your needle.  Washes away when you wash your quilt, is non-toxic and scent free! 

You will love it!!  You can use it for a variety of piecing applications and a little goes a long way. 

See the photo examples above of triangle units using this glue.  Photo 1- shows the two triangles Pam Buda wanted to sew together.  Photo 2 - the left arrow shows where to begin sewing and the right arrow shows where the glue was placed and how the two triangle points are held together.  Photo 3 - shows the sewn unit and how precisely the triangles points were sewn.

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