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Stitch & Sew

Stitch & Sew Faux Applique

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Patchwork Garden
Join Helen as she walks you through creating one of the precious stitcheries -- Stitch or Sew --your choice.  Each measures 10" x 10" and is created using the Colored Pencil tinting technique from Crabapple Hill Studio and super simple embroidery stitches.  This is a great fun class to explore how easy it is to add color to almost any project!  During class you'll color your picture and add the fixative.  Helen will also demonstrate the embroidery stitches you'll use after class to finish your embroidery once the project has dried.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all!  Look forward to seeing you in class, Helen
Supply List 
We've put together a kit for you that has several of the items you'll need for class.  If you're purchasing a kit, please make sure you also have  the additional items you'll need for a successful class. 

If you're not purchasing the kit, please make sure you have everything from both lists.  

Remember, you can order any item that has a hyperlink just by clicking on it.  Make sure you order your items in advance of your class to allow time for ordering, shipping, etc.

Items included in optional kit -- PLUS you'll need the items below

Additional Items You'll Need:

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils -- you don't have to use this brand, but the artist highly recommends these.  If you already have the box of 72 Prismacolor Premier pencils, double check your box for you may have the colors with an asterisk.
118 Cadmium Orange Hue
934 Lavender
1005 Limepeel
1080 Beige Sienna

*909 Grass Green
*905 Aquamarine
*917 Sunburst Yellow
*918 Orange
*921 Pale Vermilion
*935 Black
*992 Light Aqua
*1008 Parma Violet
*1072 50% French Grey

Other items you'll need 
  • Light box or window to use for tracing your embroidery patterns -- check out the Wafer box
  • Masking tape
  • Straight pins
  • Clean Emery board or nail file
  • Freezer paper for placing under the fabric when applying fixative
  • Couple pieces of clean copy paper to help protect your project as you color
  • Pencil sharpener for sharpening your color pencils
  • #7 embroidery needle -- we won't be using this class, but you'll need it to finish your project
  • #24 Chenille needle -- we won't be using this class, but you'll need it to finish your project

Cosmos Embroidery Floss -- we won't be using these in class, but you'll need them to finish your project.  

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